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Person A is ANYONE who needs ANY service. For example, you may need a painter, an architect, a plumber, a mover, a driver, a writer, an actor, a producer or even a bodyguard. If you are looking for someone to do something for you, you are person A.

Person B is ANYONE who can provide the service Person A is looking for. You may be a lawyer, a student, an unemployed graduate, a blogger, a dancer, a chef, a doctor or even the president. Simply put, if you have a skill to do anything at all, you are person B. So create your profile and select a category matching what you can do. is a service that is currently 100% free. You can start using the platform immediatly after signing up.

As long as it is legal under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is allowed on Justfrom5k.

No. You will only receive alerts when the newly created errand, task or project is in a category you have pre-selected. However, you may select as many categories as you wish.

Bidding closes once a winner has been selected by the errand creator.

For now, the only way to add your profile picture is to sign up using one of the social networks that we have provided.

Your trust number is an indication of how trustworthy we think you are. This number is automatically calculated for each person using an in-built algorithm. Unlike regular rating systems, the trust number uses a wider range of parameters. For example it uses the percentage completion of your profile, if you have a linkedIN account, number of connections you have in your linkedIN account, number of recommendations you have received, the caliber of companies you have worked for, the numnber of bids you have won on the Justfrom5k platform the amount you bidded on the winning bids, etc.

For now the minimum trust number is 385 while the maximum is 2843. Your default number at sign-in is 1000

The preferred way to contact our management team is via email. We apologize for not being able to provide a phone number at the moment. Our contact email is [email protected]

Your location and the categories you select will determine the alerts you receive when new errands, tasks or projects are created. Each time a new posting is made that matches your selection, you will automatically be notified via email.

For now all bids on are final and cannot be changed.

For now they represent the various degrees of complexity that a project may have. However in reality on they are treated as the same and the words are used interchangeably.
These apps are still in development and will be available for download as soon as they are ready.
When Person B has been selected by person A, they make contact and fine tune the details of their transaction. The details to be fine tuned includes all terms or payment. does not get involved in the payment of person B or collection of funds from person A. In the future we intend to implement an escrow system for added guarantee. does not guarantee you that Person B will deliver as promised. However, we provide you with a profile of the person, a rating system and a trust number. The rating system and trustnumber is based on historical performance.

We highly recommend that you take these into consideration when selecting a bid. highly recommends that you be cautious in your dealings with all strangers. Our recommendation is to meet in a neutral place and NEVER alone, especially when meeting for the first time.

If work at your personal place of abode is required, then ensure to keep all valuables out of sight and in a safe place. You should also arrange to have someone watch over the person working for you during the entire period.
Absolutely Yes!. 5K is just a name that inspires our management team. Remember 5K is not necessarily N5000. It could be 5000 CFA which is less than N5000. So please feel free to bid any amount that you are comfortable with.
To maintain the credibility of the Justfrom5k platform, we manually review ALL errands before allowing them to go live on the site. After reviewing, we may contact you to revise your posting if necessary.
Depending on the time of the day and availability of our reviewers, it may take anywhere from 5 minutess to 2 hours
No you cannot. The purpose of the platform is to request for services from potential bidders. Errands, tasks or projects which are considered as advertorial in nature will not be approved.
Yes this is allowed. We believe in a free market place. If an individual or company feels they can provide a service either directly or by subcontracting to someone else, this is fine.
The model of is that you get an alert each time someone needs a service under a category you have preselected. So to turn off or reduce the notifications, you need to unselect some or all of the categories. This can be done as follows:
1. Log into your Justfrom5k account.
2. Click on Profile.
3. Click on the gear while that is on the right of CATEGORIES.
4. Unselect the categories you need to stop notifications from.
5.Click Update Now

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Justfrom5k is owned and managed by one of the Partners at Asterix Innovative Solutions, which is a company registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commision.

Currently we still consider the portal to be "work in progress". So your suggestions and feedbacks are welcomed any time.

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